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Micromanaging bosses stunt personal growth Micromanaging is a managerial process of closely observing, controlling and/or reminding employees of the work required. It is generally seen as a negative management style because it stunts or limits freedom. That is, the freedom… Continue Reading…

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Why would you need to escape your own head? Many of us get stuck in our minds, some more than others but does that mean you need to escape your own head? It’s liberating to ponder life and self-reflect, however,… Continue Reading…


Dilbert’s Take on Saying No When it comes to saying no, Dilbert is of course tongue in cheek. It does, however provide a nice segue into understanding ourselves. We are, of course, social animals that need, seek and thrive on… Continue Reading…

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Background Ever wonder what sweating the smallish things we hear so much about means? Or, why one person’s smallish things are another’s big things? It’s about perspective. How we choose to look at change determines our behaviour. The good news… Continue Reading…


Background Starting with the end in mind: do you seek to influence or control? It is indeed a fine line to walk. I had an interesting conversation with a client, let’s call him Joe. At the time, Joe was a… Continue Reading…

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