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What I Learned Writing a Book

Begin: writing your first book

Why I chose to begin writing a book

A book needs with a purpose: Do you want to help others? Could fortune be your driving motivation? Is fame your objective? Have you got a compelling topic to get off your chest?

The reasons are numerous, however, clarity of purpose is key as it shapes how you approach your writing project. My manuscript, tentatively called “How to Perfect any Skill and Have Your Friends Begging for Your Secret!”, was written with a clear purpose: helping other people. Of course, I’d love to reach a wide and diverse audience. Doing so means helping potentially millions of people achieve anything (well, almost anything) better, faster, easier and at less cost than before. This is the epitome of my purpose.

In a world desperately needing a reset towards a level playing field, my book is a real step in that direction.

What have I learned in the writing process?

Beyond the importance of purpose, I’ve learned a few other things:

  1. It is hard work and takes perseverance! The motivation of purpose sees you through the moments of writer’s block. Moments where you might feel like giving up or moments wondering if anyone will care about the book. These feelings are normal. Several techniques can help through these moments of self-doubt: goal-setting and anchors.
  2. Writing requires patience. I never quite understood the concept of writer-s block until I started writing my own book. It is common to have a multi week run of creative thinking, productive content creation and on-fire success…until one day it screeches to a halt! For me, it was always solved in one of three ways: walking away and enjoying a change of scenery, spending time on a hobby or spending time with my family. The key is moving into a place of relaxation and creativity to reset your thoughts, for as long as you need.
  3. Good writing depends on your support network. Your support network, family and friends indirectly play a significant role in the quality of your writing. When you’re in a good place, the quality and tone of writing reflects that and vice versa if you’re not. Who remembers the “Love Actually” scene where after Jamie’s (played by Colin Firth) break-up, his “terribly written” manuscript flies into the pond outside his French cottage?
  4. Publishing requires an open mind. When the manuscript leaves your hands into the publisher‘s: the editors provide direct feedback. Some of which might be hard to hear. I chose an open mind and trust the publisher to do everything possible for success. After all, their profit is also attached to the book’s success!
  5. Never give up on your dream. You are the most passionate advocate of your idea – if you don’t pursue it, no one will do it for you. However, remain realistic and listen to the people you trust around you. They have your best interests at heart.

Where do you go from here?

There are some great authorship resources to help you get started. In particular, Jane Friedman has excellent resource materials as do most publishers. So, getting your manuscript to print is more accessible than ever, all you need to begin is an original idea.

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