Overcoming the urge to quit!

Photo Credit: jesse orrico on Unsplash

We’ve just purchased a new home and are in the process of “fixing” it to suit our needs and preferences. Like many of you, we weigh decisions to do something ourselves or to hire someone – cost and time usually being deciding factors!

Here’s an example – we need to pull up the existing 70’s style ceramic tiles (about 45 square metres worth) and lay new flooring. In the past I’ve removed and re-tiled walls, so I am comfortable there, but I’ve never attempted a floor! I took on the challenge…

The wall tiles came off, with a great deal of effort, from the brick and plaster base. I thought, now for the floor – completely different story! The underlay is a concrete base – those tiles did not come off with tile removing hand tools no matter how much effort I put into it (and trust me I tried). The tiles simply chipped, and bits flew through the air – this didn’t seem like a good strategy.

I stopped and wondered: should I quit now and hire someone, or should I persevere?

A google check on electric tool options gave me a wider perspective – user friendly solutions are available. User friendly meaning cost effective and energy efficient, all important considerations. 

My determination took hold. I used a visualizing technique, seeing myself vividly achieving success (check out goal setting, panel of experts and visualizing the future). I see myself finishing the job covered in dust as are my safety glasses and mask! The anticipated feeling of accomplishment beating this challenge drives me to push on and get it done.

Today, I use a SDS rotary hammer drill and chisel bit to remove the flooring. It is coming up much easier and sheer grit will see me through…

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