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Panel of Experts Technique

In NLP terms, it is commonly referred to as New Behaviour Generator.


Your panel of experts[1] in the context of my new book (How to Perfect Any Skill and Have Your Friends Begging for Your Secret!) is used to help you:

  1. Learn from prior experiences
  2. See (or visualize) yourself in excellence


The technique basically requires remembering a specific time you were applying the skill, and it wasn’t going to plan. Using that specific moment, imagine it all playing out in front of you as a movie.

Now, rate your unfavourable feelings about this moment on a scale of 1 to 10. That feeling in mind, next turn your attention to establishing your expert panel.

Your panel needs to be personal – its composition should include:

  1. A master in the skill you are seeking (someone you admire)
  2. A wise individual (someone real or fictional that is wise in your eyes)
  3. A humourist (someone you find funny)
  4. You on your best day


Now, replay the movie again taking on the mindset (or attitude) of each panel member in turn. You’re only adopting their attitude and style not their behaviours.

As you repeatedly perform this task, select the ideal panellist to help you through the situation at hand (this might include more than one of them). See how it feels to adopt this new mindset (or style). Keep at it until you identify the optimal one for your current needs. One that feels right and leads to the outcome you want!


Your choice made, there are three additional steps to do. These will help imprint your new mindset and replace the old unproductive one.

Using your movie moment and new adopted mindset during in each step:

  1. Replay the original moment but observe an ending that is as you originally imagined: on fire!
  2. Choose an upcoming situation that is similar in nature. Then crystallize the association of the positive outcome with your new mindset in this scenario.
  3. Consider an imminent situation that is dissimilar in nature but where this new mindset would be useful – adopt the new mindset and visualize the positive outcome once again.


This imprinting process allows you to extend the mindset and approach to future scenarios. Allowing you to apply it for the skill desired or to other unrelated situations where it would be useful to you.

[1] Term coined by Reg Connolly, 1993

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