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Can I apply the technique to becoming a good accountant?

The technique I outline in my book can be applied to any number of skills and professions. Accountants require a particular mindset, which absolutely can be learned – it just requires the right tools!
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Does the model work when learning to play an instrument?

Instruments require two distinct skills – reading music sheets and applying finger, hand, arm or body techniques (depending on the instrument) that extract the sounds you want to hear!
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What about picking up a second language?

New languages are achievable with the technique I share in my book. Experts can share their tips and tricks when shaping your mouth to achieve the right intonation or how to ground the new language words with something you can relate to!
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Can I use the technique to make better presentations at work?

One of the most common phobias but easily overcome. The book takes you through step by step how you can perfect presenting effectively using the first two minutes as an example.
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Can I use the approach in the book to make fine furniture?

The secret to making exquisite furniture is experience or is it more than that? Learn how you can identify the differences that make a difference so you too can become a high quality furniture maker!
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How does the model help me become a better cook?

Cooking is a skill like any other – learn how to identify the techniques that move you from a good cook to a great culinary artist!
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Could it help me develop better business network connections?

Networking, small talk and relationship building are all skills. Learn how the pros do it so effortlessly – you can too if you know the secrets!
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