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What does it mean to make a big decision in the face of uncertainty? Big decisions made in today’s fluid and complex world are done under conditions of uncertainty. These conditions surface when the future is unpredictable and things are… Continue Reading…

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Time management, what is it? The pandemic, in many ways, has become the catalyst for individuals to focus on what matters and spend time more wisely. This is where time management comes into play. It’s a term to describe how… Continue Reading…


Negotiating is a daily activity “Liv, I need you to call the office supplier and get a 10% price reduction” or “Urmish, I need you to make this loss provision issue with the auditor go away” are business negotiating activities…. Continue Reading…


Listening, a powerful skill Anyone with relationship experience understands the importance effective listening plays in finding compromise, working through differences and deepening mutual understanding. Listening is a real skill, one sometimes tricky to master! It’s easy to fall into the… Continue Reading…

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How we are motivated It helps to start with a good and obvious question: How are we motivated? We are motivated in two distinct ways: internally or externally and towards something or away from something.  What are the differences? Knowing your motivational… Continue Reading…

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