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What do we mean by a skill gap? The concept of recognizing something you don’t know, seeing the mismatch between the skills we need and ones we have, first emerged in a 2012 HBR article Mind the (Skills) Gap. The… Continue Reading…

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New Year Resolutions – A lift or a weight? Millions of people will set resolutions for 2021 that, this year, most definitely will be achieved! Or will they? Should you free yourself of this annual ritual once and for all?… Continue Reading…

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Learn from mistakes Eleanor Roosevelt once said: “Learn from the mistakes of others, you don’t live long enough to make them all yourself”. That sounds amazing – learn from others and then never again make a mistake yourself! If only… Continue Reading…

AdaptingChangeGoal SettingSkills

Starting a Business – The Backdrop Being one’s, own boss is a dream for over 50% of people according to research by Forbes, Inc.com, the New York Times and others. The freedom to set your hours, the high income potential,… Continue Reading…

ChangeDeterminationGoal SettingOpportunitiesSkills

Background Things are changing around us faster than some of us may like – the question is how do I adapt myself to new circumstances and what is going on around me to create a new normal?  This is a… Continue Reading…

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